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Games have been played since the beginning of time. I wasn't there at the beginning of time but I can imagine that if two humans were in a room or cave for a long enough time…a game would start. Free Thinking Games gives people the opportunity to play intelligent games online. We do have a nice variety of games but after a while you might want to try a new website. You may also be a developer like the creator of this website and want more information on how to make your own games. Listed below are resources covering games, app's, and puzzles. These are for people who just want to play games and game developers.


Games for the iPhone and iPad are starting to become the future of gaming. A number of other companies are just starting to play catch up. Game developers will enjoy Apple's detailed Safari Developer Center.

Games from Nintendo are always entertaining. Stellar characters like Mario and Zelda have enriched the gaming experience for all of us.

Sony games can now be enjoyed online. Sony provides entertainment for your PC, Console, Handheld, Casual and Mobile devices. Play immediately in any of their free games, join a massive multiplayer game with a friend, or download new content.

Puzzle Master has a unique collection of brain teasers and puzzles for sale. They also carry chess, puzzle books, magic trick books, and more.

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