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Instructions for the Free Learning Games

Learning About the Environment Game - This is a fun learning game for kids and adults. The questions are all about the environment direct from the environmental protection agency. Test your water knowledge by answering 25 questions. Answering a question is easy. Select the correct response with your mouse and then click submit. You also have the option of playing the learning game with your keyboard. You will receive two points if you answer the environment questions correctly on your first try. You will only be awarded a single point if you guess the correct answer on your second attempt. The graphics are geared toward the younger crowd and are perfect for kindergartners and preschoolers. The environmental questions are great for kids and adults.

Silent Letters Learning Game - Silent letters in the English language are where most spelling errors start. This English learning game will help kids and adults learn about words that are not spelled phonetically. Use your mouse to answer the question. Then press return or select submit answer to see if you were correct. Select next once you have completed a question. Online educational activities like this are important to giving children and new English speakers a solid foundation.

Brain Safari Learning Games - Math, memory, and problem solving games are all in one this single online application. Your guide takes you through a series of fun learning games with a set of simple instructions and examples before each activity. All of the mini games have a time limit that the activity needs to be completed by. There is a new lineup of kindergarten learning games every time you play. A practice mode is also available if you want to try the individual mini games without going through the entire safari. Use your computer mouse to play the games. There is a high scoring system if you teaching students who are very competitive.

Memory Learning Game - Online memory games often fail because they are too complicated. This learning game does not have that problem. It is a great activity for preschool kids to improve their memory skills. Play begins when the first card is selected. Utilize the mouse to turn the cards over. Each turn gives you the opportunity to turn two cards overt. If the cards are the same they will remained turned. The object of the educational game is to reveal all of the cards in the least amount of turns. Your score will be tabulated based on this. Use the reset button to start brand new game at anytime.

English Learning Games - English grammar can be difficult to learn especially if you are not a native speaker. This English quiz will teach you when to use the words go, play, and do. These are a few of the most confusing words in the English language. Having a strong command of them will increase your speaking and writing abilities.

Verb Learning Games - You will know your irregular verbs inside and out when you master this test. Your objective is to figure out whether each word is infinitive, simple past, or past participle. Kids will dislike this activity but most adults studying the English language will find it rewarding.

Beach Learning Game - Fun facts about beach safety that kids and adults can learn from. Do you remember what the colors of the warning flags on the beach mean? Can you understand what the lifeguards are saying when they use hand signals? The objective of this game is to get every question right while learning about the do's and Don't of the beach. It is geared towards kindergartners, preschoolers, and first graders for the beach warning flag questions and older children and adults for the rest of the game.

Swimming Learning Game - This is a wonderful learning game where kids and adults can learn all about the history of swimming.

Syllables Learning Game - Syllables are the building blocks of words. English allows very complicated syllables when compared to other languages. The English language can begin with three or four consonants whereas the Japanese language is usually restricted to one. This free learning game covers words that are from one to four syllables in length. Select the correct number of syllables in each word using your mouse. The online quiz is 31 questions long.

Gender Nouns Learning Game - Gender nouns are a crucial part to understanding English. Many sentences reference gender in some way. This online learning game wants to know if a word is masculine or feminine. Answer the multiple choice questions correctly and improve your English.

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