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Instructions for the Free Word Games

Word Square Game - This free online word game is easy to play and hard to win. Can you see the words in the square? Letters are start at any single square, and flow in a variety of directions. You have to find the words and then answers questions putting the correct words in at the right time.

Daily Crossword Puzzles - Completing a crossword puzzle everyday will keep your mind in shape. Finding a new online crossword puzzle to play daily used to be difficult. That is until you visited the Free Thinking Games website. The daily crossword puzzles are updated everyday at midnight eastern standard time. You can play a brand new crossword puzzle every 24 hours. The game is played using your mouse and keyboard. Select the reveal word button to receive answers to the words that are stumping you throughout the game. Word hints will appear at the top of the screen.

Online Crossword Puzzles - This is a full featured crossword puzzle application. Puzzles are updated often so you should never run out of games to play. You can reveal a single letter, word, or the entire puzzle at any point during the game. There is also the option of hiding errors. If you want make the game into a crossword memory game you can. Simply select puzzle to reveal the words in entire board. Then select the resort button and see how much you remember.

Word Search Puzzle - This word search game is based around a Benjamin Franklin character. Your objective is to assist Ben in locating words from the list of words on the right-hand side of the screen. Use your mouse when you have found a word Ben is looking for. Select, hold and drag your cursor throughout the entire word. Please remember to keep your finger on the mouse button as your are highlighting the word. If you have selected the correct word, the word will be crossed off the list. Beat the word search puzzle by successfully identifying all of the words on the list. The word search games all have a U.S.A. theme.

Typing Words Game - This typing game has a Harry Potter feel to it. The setting is an old castle and you are a wizard. Balloons will be falling from the sky. These balloon spell out words. You need to type the words before they hit the ground. Blue words are to be typed left to right while red words need to be typed right to left. Be mindful of how many times you press a letter. The color red in each letter will decrease every time it is pressed. When the letter goes completely white you will not be able to use it anymore in order to type words. You can alleviate this problem by pressing the spacer bar. This will toggle between recharge mode and typing mode. Your results will be displayed at the end of every level. This includes your score, accuracy, max chain, bonus chain, and total score. The better you do the more game money you earn. You can use the money to buy items at the end of a level. There are three items that you can purchase to help you win this free word game. The first is a blow up device. Purchase this to blow up words during the game. The next item is a clock. Type the word slow to use it. The last item is called A to Z. This will increase the amount of time you can type a character to complete words.

Newspaper Crossword Puzzles - The free crossword puzzle games all work like the crossword puzzles you would find in the paper. Here is the general instructions for these online games. To add a word to the puzzle move your cursor to the square of your choice and type in letters. Your hint will be highlighted right below the puzzle. If at anytime you need help, click "reveal" on the bottom left of the puzzle. You can reveal a letter, word, or all of the puzzle.

Anagram Game - Playing this free online anagram game will increase your vocabulary! To play, try and move the letters with your mind to get an original word for the anagram.

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