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Symboku Unusual Thinking Game

Unusual Apartment Game

Unusual Missing Letters Game

Listening to Colors Game

Unusual Picture Game

Instructions for the Free Unusual Thinking Games

Symboku - Symboku is a free unusual thinking game just like Sudoku except the puzzles use symbols rather than numbers. There are only 9 different symbols. Every row, column, and outlined 3x3 square must contain only 1 of each of these 9 symbols. Since only 1 of each symbol can be used in each row, column, and 3x3 square, there can only be 1 solution to the puzzle. Figuring out the solution is the fun part. Using logic, you can find where each symbol goes without guessing. The more you solve, the easier solving the puzzle becomes. If you're a regular Sudoku player this may seem weird and fun.

Missing Letters - This odd free online thinking game is a good way of learning new words. To play, you have to guess the word even though some letters are blanked.

Monster Hatch - Monster Hatch is the cutest free unusual free thinking game. This free game is timed so speed is important. The object of the game is to raise all 25 eggs as fast as you can by clicking on them. There is a lot of strategy involved with this unusual game.

Listening to Colors Memory Game- This free unusual thinking game is reminiscent of Simon. The object of the game is to remember the color pattern. The thing that makes this game different is that you cannot see the color pattern. You can only hear it. This weird game will definitely test your listening skills.

Unusual Picture Game - This unusual game centers around two pictures that at first glance look similar but are actually different. Your objective is to find the differences between the pictures. This is similar to the traditional spot the difference game. The only thing you have to do is spot the differences.

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