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Checkers - Checkers is a simple and fun strategy game. The object of this HTML5 game is to capture your opponent's pieces. This free version of Checkers has three strategy games in one and four different skill levels for each. The standard level is the classic version of checkers. You must jump the computer's pieces. In the giveaway version of checkers gameplay is almost the opposite of classic play. The goal of this version is to force the other player to take all your pieces. It is kind of like switching what side of your brain your using. It takes a little to get used to but is a boatload of fun! The last type of checkers available to play is extreme and it is called that for a reason. How many times have you played checkers or any game and your opponent was taking to long? In the extreme version of checkers the waiting is over. You can move your pieces as fast as you would like. The strategy definitely changes but the goal is still the same. Clear the board of your opponent and win the game.

Backgammon - This is the oldest recorded game in history! Test your strategy skills and luck against the computer in this famous board game. The objective of this game is to remove all your checkers from the board after you move them into your section. Roll the dice and advance the white checkers into your lower right section of the board. If you have a penchant for rolling doubles winning the game should be easy. A double roll means that you can use each die twice, making four moves. The world's oldest game has turned out to be one of the best web games around.

History of Go- This quiz game is based around the traditional strategy game called Go. The object of the game is to learn about Go while putting your current Go knowledge to the test. Find out how much you know by playing this free game.

History of Tetris Game - What strategy game has made one of the biggest impacts when it comes to games on mobile devices? That would be Tetris. Our history of Tetris quiz game will take you through this famous strategy games past all the way up to modern times. Find out how much you know about this legendary game.

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