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Simon Says Mind Game

Shapes Mind Stimulation Game

Chess, the Ultimate Mind Game

What is the Word? Mind Games

Deduction-Type Game

Instructions for the Free Mind Stimulation Games

Homage to Simon Says - This game is in the style of an old mind stimulation game that wants you to repeat what Simon does. Follow the patterns for as long as your stimulated mind can. Answer the questions related to the pattern of lights over the colors displayed. You will accumulate points by memorizing the sequences. Mistakes will be counted as errors. Have fun and enjoy the brain stimulation!

Mastermind Game - This free mind stimulation game is a race against the clock. You have a minute to guess a 5 letter word based on the given clue. All is not lost if you happen to guess incorrectly. You will receive hints in the form of colored letters. A purple square means the letter inside is part of the word you are looking for. A green square means that the letter inside is in the correct place and part of the correct answer. The idea is to stimulate your memory. Wrong guesses that are actually words will be posted on the right-hand side along with their respective definitions. You have nine tries to beat this free mind game.

What is the Word? Mind Game - Your mind will get a workout with this online game. The object of the game is to guess which word is missing from the expression, title, or phrase. You will be given a blank space where the word you are looking for should be. Think fast and you could win. Points will be awarded for every correct answer.

Chess- Chess is the ultimate mind stimulation game. This version of the classic game puts you up against a real people from around the world. You can be black or white. AI or artificial intelligence is a formidable opponent if you do not take your time as are real people. Thinking before you move is the key. The AI of this chess game is perfect for adults because the AI is actually human. Seasoned chess pros might some opponents a little too easy. Since the chess matches are timed this version can be a good tool for those chess experts who want to hone their speed chess skills.

Deduction - Playing the deduction game is an easy way stimulate your mind online. You have to use your mind to come up with the right sequence of four colors in the least number of steps, starting from the top row. You can change the color of a box by clicking on it. Press the question mark after you have chosen your desired colors. For each step you get a score that will help you come to the right series. Empty stars tell you the amount of right colors in incorrect places. Full starts are correct hits. You win this free mind game by placing all four colors in the correct place.

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