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Memory Game

2D Memory Game

Instructions for the Free Memory Games

Short Term Memory Game - The object of this memory is to recall the figures that were just shown. Symbols will flash on the screen three times. You need to utilize your short term memory and remember what graphics appeared on the screen. You will also have to answer additional questions so try to retain as much information as you can. The key to this memory game is to look at the entire screen when the graphics are shown. This is the first version of the game. An interactive version is in the works.

Memory Games for Adults - There are three levels to this series of memory games.The object of the game is to match up the numbers that are located behind the memory cards. The game is being timed. Improve memory by attempting to beat your best time.

Perfect Match - The object of this free online memory game is to remove all the cards by unfolding a pair of identical cards. Click any card to unfold it and then unfold another card. If both are the same, they will be removed. Only two cards can be unfolded at a time.

Memory - This is a traditional free memory game. Playing this game is easy. All you have to do is match the letters. The big board pieces make this a great memory game for seniors.

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