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Instructions for the Free Logic Puzzle Games

Chinese Checkers Puzzle Game - Did you know that Chinese Checkers was not created in China and is not from anywhere in Asia? A couple of Americans called it Chinese Checkers as a marketing ploy. I guess it worked because we are still talking about it. This free logic puzzle game is a slight variation of the original checkers game. You eliminate pieces by jumping over them with other pieces or pegs. You can make jumps vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. The object of this logic puzzle game is to clear as many pieces as possible.

15 Sliding Puzzle - In this free logic puzzle the object is to put the numbers back in order. If your mind gets tired, the puzzle will solve itself. It is very fun to watch!

Atomica Logic Puzzles - The logic puzzles in this game are made up of atoms. The object of the game is to arrange three or more atoms of similar colors in connecting sequences. These sequences can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Moving an atom is easy. Select it and then select the destination cell. Make sure that the destination is empty otherwise doing this would be futile. You are required to make a move even if one a single atom remains. Auto-mode make atoms appear on the logic puzzle before you get the chance to move. These are great activities to improve thinking and reasoning.

Polaroid Puzzle - To play this online puzzle game requires patience. Click the image to scramble the picture then click the parts to reorder the picture. Try to complete the picture in the minimum steps possible.

5 On a Row - 5 on a row is a free Internet puzzle game. Playing is easy. Try to group at least 5 balls and they will disappear. Once the game board is full the game is over.

Sports Puzzles - This is a challenging free logic puzzle game. You have five minutes to score as many points as you can by rearranging the puzzle. Puzzle pieces include a basketball, soccer ball, football, baseball, and tennis ball. Organize one sports icon in a set of three and it will be removed from the board. It is part of our series of logical thinking games.

Flower Logic Puzzle Games - This online mind puzzle is all about flowers. Your objective is to connect three or more flowers together. The flowers need to be identical. You have a limited time to score as many point as you can. This is one of those games that improves logic. You have to thicken quickly and make deceive moves to obtain the highest score.

Blox Mind Puzzles - Each level in this game is it's own logic puzzle. The basic idea is that you need to move similar colored blocks together in order to remove them from play. The puzzle on each level will be considered solved when all the blocks have been removed. How do you improve your logical thinking ability? Play this logic game for an hour. Use your mouse to control the blocks. Think carefully before you act as you only have one chance. Selecting the retry button is your only option if you get stuck.

Numbers Logic Puzzle - This is the largest of the free logic puzzles. Play begins when you select scramble or max scramble. Scramble is the easy level while max scramble is the hard level. The puzzle pieces of the original photo will be mixed up. Each piece of the logic game is assigned a number. You have the option to hide the numbers. The numbers will give you an advantage in solving the puzzle. You can also select the help button. This will replay all the moves you have made so far. Utilize the blank space to move numbers around the board. There are two different logic puzzles to choose from. The first is a picture of monkey and the second is a picture of a bird. They are both fun and should provide you with several hours of entertainment.

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