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Instructions for the Free Kids' Thinking Games

Puzzle Game for Kids - An educational puzzle game that teaches problem solving to kids. The object of this online game is to get the red ball to the flashing green square on every level. Kids can control the red ball by using their arrow keys. The ball can potentially get stuck in an infinite loop. If this happens select restart level at the bottle of the game screen. The dark blue squares are walls. The flashing orange squares are a transportation device. Rollover it with the ball and it will transport you to the other flashing orange square. Try to solve all of the puzzles in these great thinking games for kids.

Flood It - The object of this free kids' thinking game is to flood the whole board with one color in less than 20 steps. To play the internet game is easy. You start from the top left corner and progress by selecting one of the colored balls on the left. When you change the color of your current area, every adjacent square with the same color also changes

Memory Game for Kids - This free game tests your memory. It is a fun and simple online game. Try to uncover all pairs using the minimum steps possible. Select you the memory cards with your mouse to play. See how quickly you can math up all of the memory cards. With this game, thinking and learning is fun because there is no scoring. Everybody will be a winner. The kids memory game gives positive vibes to children because they can not lose.

Fun Jigsaw Puzzle - This free kids' thinking game is like a real life puzzle. Put the puzzles together like you would a real puzzle.

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