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Instructions for the Free Critical Thinking Games

World's Largest Flood It Game - This is a record breaking critical thinking game for adults. There are 5000 rows and 18 columns for a total of 90,000 game pieces. You have 5000 attempts to turn the Flood It board into a single color. It is the Mona Lisa of Flood It games. Play begins when you select one of the Free Thinking Games logo icons. Doing this will make the game pieces at the top left hand side of the board change to the color you selected. Pieces only change color is they match the color you selected. Finishing the game might take you several hours or an entire day! The World's Largest Flood It puzzle is the definition of critical thinking as it requires patience and skill. The best advice I can give you is to make a path through the center of the board. Use colors that connect to each other so that maximum ground can be colored as you play the game.

3D Critical Thinking Game - This free online 3D game tests your critical thinking skills. The game starts with an impossible looking puzzle in cube form. Time will immediately begin to disappear as soon as a new board has been loaded. Use the tiny black arrows surrounding the 3D squares to move the pieces. The logic behind every move should be considered before selecting an arrow. You can analyze the three-dimensional cube underneath the opposite side view heading on the right side of your screen. Utilize the flip controls to rotate the critical thinking game. This will help you skillfully solve the puzzle. Sometimes this game can make you think winning is impossible but you should be able to power through if you play it for an extended period of time. Logical thinking plays an important role in creating an effective strategy. The goal is to have the same colored squares on every side of the cube. Your score will depend on how fast you were able to complete the puzzle.

Daily Chess - This free critical thinking game is not your ordinary everyday chess game. The object of this game is to figure out what the correct move would be. The quiz begins in the middle of a chess match. You have to answer the question of what the best move would be. Think it over for a while and then move your chess piece. If you get the quiz wrong on your first try, don't worry. You can keep trying until you get it right. If your thinking skills get maxed out, there is a hint button. Use it if you think the quiz is impossible to solve and it will show you a few choices of where the smart move would be. There are three levels of difficulty; easy, medium, and hard. The puzzles are updated daily so you can have seven new critical thinking activities in one week. The program is by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen who have won twelve titles as World Computer Chess Champion. He is the leader in the all important computer chess rating lists and are accepted as the best chess program for PCs. Since 1996, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen's Shredder chess program has won twelve titles as World Computer Chess Champion.

Numbers- If you have math skills or want to develop your math skills, this is the free game for you. When you click start, you will be presented with a math question and four possible answers. Calculate the result select the answer that you believe is the correct solution. If you are right, there will be points added to your score. If not, don't fret as you will be asked another question. This is a really good exercise for the mind.

Guess the Flag Game - If you were not good at social studies, this free online quiz will seem impossible. The idea is to pick the country of the flag shown. When you click start, you will be presented with a flag description and four possible countries that the flag could represent. Think it over, but don't take too long. Select a country and click continue. If you are correct, your score will improve. If not, try again. It is a good critical thinking activity when you play it more than once as it can test your short term memory.

Pipe Mania - Pipe Mania is like Tetris for the thinking man. The same skill set is needed. The object of the game is to build a pipe between the start and end point. The pipe in the the black circle is the current pipe that you will place on the board when you click your mouse button. To get to the next pipe in the line without using the pipe in the circle, just click on the pipe you just put down again. Do not be thinking all day as there is a time limit. Once you have made the pipe that you think goes from start to finish, click the three forward arrows in blue on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Your pipes will be filled to see if you correctly laid the pipes down. If you did, then you will advance to the next level.

Critical Thinking Trivia Game - How knowledgeable are you? This free game tests your memory, intelligence, and quiz taking abilities. It puts your critical thinking skills to the test in a series of timed questions. The educational game begins with a trivia question. You need to answer the brain teaser correctly. Make sure that your answer is spelled correctly. Select "Check" to see if you are correct. Points will be awarded for correct answers and taken away if you answer incorrectly. Some of the questions are tricky. Be smart and think your answers through. Trivia makes a great mind game because it forces you to recall things that you learned a long time ago.

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