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HTML5 Puzzle Game - Free Thinking Games

Puzzle Game Instructions
HTML5 Puzzle Game

Game Information

This puzzle game was made in HTML5 and Javascript so that it could be played by all visitors of the Free Thinking Games website. Select color puzzle pieces that are connected horizontally and vertically. This will make the puzzle pieces start to move. Select them again and the pieces will evaporate into thin air. The object is to make all the pieces disappear. You can listen to more detailed instructions below if you have an HTML5 enabled web browser.

Are you on the iPad, iTouch, iPhone, or other mobile device? Play the iPad puzzle game version.

Tips for the Puzzle Game

  • Use a modern web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE9 for best results.
  • Also works on WebOS and Android enable smartphones.
  • Use your computer mouse or touch screen to play.

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