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Critical Thinking Exercises

Details for the Free Critical Thinking Exercises

Critical thinking is done by humans throughout the day. You might of just started thinking that way when I used the word humans instead of people. Is he or she an alien? I did that to warm you up. All of the questions in our free critical thinking exercises have a numeric answer. This was done so to give you a better chance at answering the questions correctly. Please do not write out the numbers as the game will not recognize these.

Improve your Critical Thinking Skills

Self improvement while having fun is part of the mission statement of the Free Thinking Games website. The exercises on this web page will improve your critical thinking skills. You should also try our critical thinking games. They will give you a new perspective on critical thinking. Solid thinking skills are vital to your success in a variety of different areas.

Great for college student and nurses.

Our original critical thinking exercises are great for adults. College students always need to brush up on their problem solving abilities. Critical thinking is what college is what college is all about. Critical thinking in hospitals is important. This is why nursing encourages nurses to improve their critical thinking skills.

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