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Brain Teasers for Kids

Details for the Free Kids Brain Teasers

Riddles have always been a great way to train students in the art of problem solving. Our free online brain teasers for kids will make them think. All of the trick questions are original so you do not have to worry about kids knowing the answers before they start playing.

Brain Teasers with Answers

What good is a great question if there is no answer? Select the check button after your child answers a brain teaser. The computer program will let them know if they were correct. Many brain teasers will display an explanation if an incorrect answer was entered. This will usually diagram how the brain teasers answer was derived.

Submit Your Own Brain Teasers

Our brain teasers for kids will be updated. There are currently 15 trick questions in the game. If you or your kids have fun brain teasers that you would like to have included in our game please feel free to do so via our contact page. The brain teasers can be pictures, text, easy, or hard. Please include an explanation of how you or your child came up with the answer. We are looking forward to seeing you in our quiz!

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