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About Free Thinking Games

Free Thinking Games is a website that provides free activities to improve your mind. We have a built a collection of original thinking games that can be played throughout the site. There are free math, strategy, critical thinking, memory, word, learning, and mind games. We also have brain teasers, sudoku, logic puzzles, and critical thinking exercises. Adults will enjoy playing our games.

Fun Facts

We are home to the world's largest Flood It game. The puzzle game has 90,000 game pieces.

Our online hangman game has an impossible level with some of the hardest hangman words ever put in that type of game.

We have never beaten our own HTML5 puzzle game. The game is actually more JavaScript than HTML5 so we put in an HTML5 audio tag to make the game officially HTML5. It works great on the iPhone and iPad.

You can find out about our new thinking games and updates to existing games by following us on Twitter and Facebook. You can also email us with questions and comments via our contact page.

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